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My blog about The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) 1st (first) Edition by Riordan, Rick published by Disney-Hyperion (2006) - Rich Riordan

Well my favorite character is obviously the main character Percy Jackson or Perseus Jackson which is actually his real name but only his parents and a couple other people knows that,so most people whom know his real name would call him Percy Jackson to conceal his true identity,but I do not know why he doesn't use his real name as it isn't explained in the book.He is occasionally very clumsy and dumb which makes him an easy target but thanks to his friends,Grover the satyr(human with legs of a goat) and Annabeth which is a demi-god or a half-blood,he is still alive.Eventually Poseidon claimed Percy Jackson as his son and Percy finds out about his powers like strengthening water, controlling water and able to breathe underwater,which come in handy quite often.His mother is human though so that also makes him a demi-god,he also has defeated furies(demonic creatures with wings that come from the underworld),Medusa,Procrustes the giant(who'd tried to kill Theseus with excess hospitality on his way to Athens),Ares the god of war.The book has also very funny titles,like its very random and you won't get it without reading the story.My favorite location is the book is the lotus hotel or casino because its like paradise there with a free hotel room a credit card that has infinite cash inside and a casino full of video games,virtual games,basically if you name the game they will have it,I would live there if it isn't for time being slowed down when you where in there so example if you were to stay there for a day or two,fives days would have past,you basically wouldn't even realize it.To conclude,the book describes all the events very well and you will slowly understand what they mean when you further read in the book also there is a very surprising plot twist in the end.